10 Days to Happiness is a one-woman play based on Donna Rae Davidson’s experience at a 10 day silent retreat called Vipassana.  Davidson takes the audience on her extremely personal adventure of no talking, no reading, no writing, and no eye contact!  A full-length play in ten scenes, each scene represents a day at the retreat.  Packed with memorable wit, quips, wackiness, and wisdom, the audience participates in unexpected ways and enjoys an experience that inspires, uplifts, and goes beyond mere entertainment.

“Meditation, self-inquiry, and personal exploration are important qualities to me.  I got involved with this project because it speaks to the humanness in all of us.  I believe it is so important to laugh at ourselves on this crazy journey called Life.”~ JW

Angel Productions Inc produced this highly acclaimed project in Seattle February – March 2014 (Past Show)
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“You’ve got no idea how this has changed my perspective on life!!! I can’t describe how much happier I’ve been after the experience and I wanna keep moving. I’ve reached a level of self-comprehension that no ordinary teen could. Most adults don’t even feel this. I’m so ahead of myself it’s awesome!!! I’m gonna enjoy life so much more because of this. Thank you for helping me start discovering myself.”

Eric, Age 16