Jeff Wilson, the founder and principal of Angel Productions Inc. is a businessman, entrepreneur and agent of positive change through the arts.  He is committed to supporting  creative individuals in getting their gifts out there in the world.  His core principles embody a spiritual consciousness, and the belief that “we attract what we think”.  He founded Angel Productions Inc. with the mission to bring a greater message to the world. Jeff is a huge fan of cabaret variety shows.  His dream is to produce a high quality variety show with creme de la creme performers – stay tuned!

Early on, Jeff’s passion for the arts seed was planted.  At the age of 10, he spent his first time on a movie set, with the legendary Angie Dickinson and Earl Holliman.  His passion for behind-the-scenes entertainment work started there, watching the magic unfold and seeing all the background work that took place to get it together.  Jeff also remembers going to the Magic Castle, a members-only magic club in Los Angeles.  It was mind-bending to see the artistry of the performers—the way they would gracefully and adeptly create the illusion of magic for their audiences.

As a young adult, Jeff created a successful tile installation business in LA, working for entertainment industry people.

The inspiration  for Angel Inc happened one night in a bar in LA in 1989, when the lead singer of Riot House, Jimi Jon Jackson, and he sat down to discuss promoting the band.  Jimmy said, “Jeff, you’re a Godsend!  You’re an angel, that’s it!”  The seed for Angel Inc. was planted.  The desire to fund the arts and be involved in creative projects stayed with Jeff as a foundational piece of Angel Productions, Inc.  He held within him the spark that came from sharing time with talented people who have a vision and want that vision to manifest into reality.

Jeff Wilson is the founder and  owner of  Wilson Tile –  a design studio and custom installation for high end tile projects in Seattle, WA since 1997. Jeff has built his tile company by maintaining a high standard of workmanship, orderliness, and attention to detail, that clients can rely on.

Jeff recently purchased the 162-foot Hiyu from the Washington Department of Transportation. With his business partners David Crellin and Al Parisi, the trio plan to hold “a circus and cabaret on the high seas” with “cutting-edge performance and live music.” They also plan to offer the boat for rent and special events, like weddings, corporate get-togethers and art projects. Stay tuned!!


Here’s what fuels me – from the inside out:

Spending time with my daughter and wife
Riding my Harley
Classic Cars, All Saints Car Club
New Thought  Amazing Grace Spiritual Center