The Seattle Teen Experience

When I first heard about the Seattle Teen Experience from its creator, Teri Jo Wheeler, I got behind the project 100%. I felt inspired to have a positive impact on young adults and was motivated to make this a successful venture for everyone involved. The Seattle Teen Experience debut took place in August 2013 and was a wonderful success on many levels. Ideas sprouted, teens were inspired, and lives were changed in a positive way.” ~ JW

The Seattle Teen Experience is a 3-day cumulative awareness adventure designed specifically for teens. Over the weekend, teens worked courageously to release blocks and limitations, and discover the many gifts within themselves. Through personal exploration, group discussion, creative processes, visualization, movement, games and other activities, the teens connected in and rose up into fuller expressions of their most authentic selves.  They also made new, supportive friendships that carry on to this day and had a lot of fun in the process!

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