stock-illustration-34532136-christmas-dark-violet-ballAfter a huge success with our launch in 2013, The Seattle Teen Experience came back with a fresh dose of inspiration, motivation, and energy for 2014!  Over the weekend of August 8 – 10, a group of 50 teens had the opportunity to change their lives in a profound and powerful way.
The Experience is a 3-day cumulative awareness adventure designed specifically for teens.

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You’ve got no idea how this has changed my perspective on life!!! I can’t describe how much happier I’ve been after the experience and I wanna keep moving. I’ve reached a level of self-comprehension that no ordinary teen could. Most adults don’t even feel this. I’m so ahead of myself it’s awesome!!! I’m gonna enjoy life so much more because of this. Thank you for helping me start discovering myself.”

Eric, age 16

“The Teen Experience helped me become a less judgmental person. I learned to have an open heart and mind. And I have love for myself for once now. I gained some really great friends and met some amazing people. I came into this apprehensive and nervous and left happy and enlightened.”

Careena, age 15

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing and sharing The Teen Experience with my son and all the other amazing teens. It certainly has made a huge difference in his life to get a glimpse of what so many other kids are going through, feeling the connection amongst them and looking within. Hopefully, this will continue into the future. I certainly have felt that there is a huge need for this type of conscious guidance in this age group for a long time. Thank you.”

Parent, STE 2014